About Us

Integrative Medicine at Yale is designed to provide a sustainable, central forum at Yale for interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, and international collaboration, research, and education in complementary and integrative medicine. Through open-minded exploration and rigorous scientific inquiry, we aim to improve awareness, critical analysis of, and access to the best in evidence-based, comprehensive medical care available worldwide, with the goal of optimizing health and healing.


In the future, we aim to expand the Integrative Medicine at Yale Program into The Yale Center for Integrative Medicine, a university-wide Center that will be nationally recognized as a leader in generating rigorous scientific research, innovations in interdisciplinary collaboration, and breakthroughs in generating wellness and well being among both healthcare providers and patients.


In November 2006, Yale joined the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine in an acknowledgement of the commitment of individuals at Yale to education, research, and clinical practice of complementary and alternative medicine.  However, at that time, no organization existed to support these individuals and create further opportunities for growth and development around these topics at Yale. Integrative Medicine at Yale was therefore established in response to the growing interest among many members of the Yale community in assessing the efficacy of complementary therapies, the importance of rigorous, open-minded research into these therapies, and the notion of an integrative healthcare system that combines the best evidence-based therapeutics from both conventional and non-conventional medical systems.

Financial Information

Integrative Medicine at Yale is an interdisciplinary group consisting of faculty, staff, affiliates, students, and community members with research, clinical, or educational interests in integrative medicine. We do not have an operating budget nor receive funding from any entity or individual. All work within the group is done on a voluntary basis.