The educational mission of Integrative Medicine at Yale is to provide education for students and clinicians about complementary and alternative therapies that are safe, effective, most used by patients, and could be most beneficial towards enhancing patient care.  Additionally, Integrative Medicine at Yale aims to create new opportunities and advertise existing endeavors that support health care practitioners and students in maintaining health, wellness, and balance in their lives.

Primary Educational Activities

  • Involvement in integrative medicine oriented coursework for Yale medical students
  • Elective clinical rotation for medical students and residents
  • Educational lectures at our monthly meetings
  • Mentorships linking interested students with clinicians and researchers

Existing Faculty-Led Initiatives for Medical Students

  • Retreat on Spirituality and Medicine: Organized by Dr. Auguste Fortin through a Templeton Foundation grant on curricula in spirituality, culture, and end-of-life care; students, housestaff, and faculty gather at a nearby Abbey for a retreat with Benedictine nuns - includes working outdoors for several hours, followed by dinner and discussion of how to keep professional lives meaningful.
  • The Healer's Art: Four-session elective course for first-years (though open to all years) in relationship-centered care. Each session employs both experiential and didactic methodologies and consists of seed talks or imagery reflections with subsequent small group discussions facilitated by faculty.
  • Ephemeris Project: Created by Dr. Michael Berman, Ob/Gyn, an online journaling and mentorship program to promote and provide a venue of introspection and self-expression among medical students, physicians-in-training, and other healthcare professionals.