Major Research Areas

I. Stress and Mind-Body Medicine:

  • Physiology and pathophysiology of acute/chronic stress - psychosocial factors, environmental impacts, cardiovascular outcomes, benefits of stress reduction, and specific mechanisms.
  • Efficacy and mechanisms of meditation, hypnotherapy, biofeedback, and other relaxation/mind-body modalities in promoting health and treating/preventing disease.


Effects of Mental Stress on Arrhythmias in Defibrillator PtsRachel Lampert, Cardiology
Psychological Influences on Postoperative RecoveryZeev Kain, Anesthesiology
Social and psychological risk factors for physical illnessStanislav Kasl, EPH
Neurobehavioral Correlates of Mental Stress IschemiaRobert Soufer, Radiology
Effects of Reiki on HRV in Post-MI patientsRachel Friedman, Cardiology


MIEL: Meditation and Massage in End of LifeDavid Katz, EPH
Mindfulness-based stress reduction and health-related QOLBeth Roth, Nursing
Meditation experience is a/w increased cortical thicknessJeremy Gray, Psychology
Meditation Reduces Habitual RespondingHeidi Sormanz, Fresh Yoga
Mindfulness-based stress reduction and fibromyalgiaAther Ali, Pediatrics

Mindfulness training for alcohol and cocaine addictions

Judson Brewer, Psychiatry


Hypnosis Reduces Preoperative Anxiety in Adult PatientsHaleh Saadat, Anesthesiology
Personality and Cognition in Hypnotic PhenomenaJohn Kohnstrom, Psychology

II. Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture Research

Pilot Study Exploring Acupuncture Efficacy on Sx DistressMargaret Beal
Perimenopausal symptoms management with acupunctureSusan Cohen
Acupuncture and Coping Skills Training for Cocaine AbuseArthur Margolin, Psychiatry
Clinical Trial of Acupuncture for Cocaine DependenceArthur Margolin, Psychiatry
Optimizing Auricular Acupuncture for HIV+ Drug AbusersArthur Margolin, Psychiatry
Electro-Acupuncture protection against effect of brain ischemiaYing Xia, Pediatrics
Acupuncture and Low Back Pain During PregnancyShu-Ming Wang, Anesthesia

III. Botanicals/Nutrition

Curcumin Corrects Cystic Fibrosis DefectsMarie Egan, Pediatrics
Phytotherapy for the Treatment of BPH SymptomsHarris Foster, Surgery
Cranberry and Prevention of UTI A Comprehensive ApproachKalpana Gupta, Int Med
Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy for Fibromyalgia: A Pilot StudyDavid Katz, EPH
Vascular Action of Ginseng and Endothelial NONorman Gillis, Int Med
Interactions of Black Cohosh with Cancer TherapySara Rockwell, Radiology
Green Tea, the Asian Paradox, Cardiovascular DiseaseBauer Sumpio, Surgery
Fish oil regulates adiponectin secretionSusanne Neschen
Chromium Effects on Insulin and Vascular Function in People at Risk for DiabetesDavid Katz, EPH

Other Areas

Massage Therapy for Osteoarthritis of the KneeDavid Katz, EPH
Chronic Lyme Disease and Health BeliefsAther Ali, Pediatrics